Dharani Finance Limited was registered as a Public Limited Company with registration No.18-19152 on 10th May 1990. The Company was granted certificate for commencement of business by the Registrar of Companies, Chennai on 25th June 1990. The Company has its Registered Office at No. 57 Sterling Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai 600 034.

The main objects of the Company are to carry on the business of hire purchase, leasing of machinery and other equipments, to finance industrial enterprises, to undertake business of financial operations of all kinds, to deal in foreign exchange, to provide financial services like investment planning, tax planning, consultancy, etc. The objects clause were revised to include undertaking of insurance business, establish computer schools, computer center, entering into software development etc., in the annual general meeting held on 21.9.2000. The Company is also authorised to carry on business of travel agency, act as tour agents, carry on import and export of merchandise, function as forwarding agents, freight contractors, warehousing etc.,

The Company is also registered as a Non-Banking Finance Company with the Reserve Bank of India. The company has a license from Reserve Bank of India to function as full fledged foreign exchange money changer and is carrying on this business on a modest scale.